The Tied ^ Story

Tied^ began in our search for some form of African attire to wear to a friend’s wedding. Not feeling comfortable rocking a ‘dashiki’ particularly well we narrowed the hunt down for a tie that incorporated African print instead.

We love ties. They make sense. They help you feel ‘put together.’ Who’s going to compete with a crisp tailored white shirt and fresh tie. (Come on ladies!) We couldn’t find much and certainly not anything that appealed to our level of fashion and “freshness!” But we did, however, stumble across some amazing African prints.

It then dawned “Hey, we can sew some things together if need be!” Which is true, we think… There were some non-believers, especially a particular lady (we won’t mention names) but VS put our first slim form tie using African print together and…boom! This could work!


Time travel 4 months later and Tied^is here to share with the masses. We’veformeda business founded on the basis that we couldn’t find what we were looking for and didn’t relate to more “conservative” men’s fashion and style. So we created it. We’re here to create interesting accessories that incorporate African print so that it can finally be worn by men in a way that has never really been seen before. Some‘rare’. Some‘common’. All made to order.

Men’s fashion today is about standing out and staying true to yourself. Tied^’s line speaks directly to that. Finally we can proudly display our culture and love for colours from the boardroom to weddings to the Saturday chillas.

Everywhere we go, we keep it So Tied^


The Tied ^Product Range

We’re quite excited to have a diverse offering in the Tied^ range.
Currently we are offering the following: ties, bow ties and pocket squares – all unique and

exclusively selected African prints.

What’s unique about this?

All of our materials have been sourced from African soil spanning across South Africa, Swaziland and West Africa. Because all of our products are bespoke and handmade no 2 are the same and all are completely unique. We pride ourselves in finding rare prints and materials as a large part of our stock. This further provides the exclusive touch of Tied^.

We’re even happier to say that all of our products have been entirely handmade here in Jo’burg. Cliche but its great to support and sustain job creation in this economy and see the direct impact it has.

We’re looking forward to growing the range further into more men’s accessories. Keep on the lookout but we’re thrilled about the potential of this last stretch of this year!

Until then, keep it Tied^!