In Grade 8 young Santy stepped into high school and dove right into the HIP HOP culture and movement that would change his life forever. He immediately surrounded himself with Kats that shared the same passion and enthusiasm for recording music at his boi’s homes in bedroom studios.
As we may all be aware of, each crew embodies different members all with unique skills and qualities on offer; the beat maker, the graffiti artist, the dancer, the hype man, etc.; Santy Season was the lyricist and rapper/MC.
Frustrated and annoyed at having to work at the beat makers pace, Young Santy sett out to teach himself how to use programmes that would enable him to create music.
Santy has been lacing his own lyrics to his own beats ever since…


Born Sibusiso Kenosi, this performer embodies true artistry. Being a rapper and music producer sets him apart in being able to conceptualize his vision and build it to completion…
He might be referred to as a new comer, but that title will sure fall away very soon.
With several appearances in the most sought after HIP HOP Magazine in South Africa, Hype Magazine, Santy has began to solidify his rise in the South Africa HIP HOP Industry.