What is it about?

The term “Ethnic Cleansing” is defined as the systematic elimination of one ethnic group by another, A title that encompassed much of what was happening to many of my fellow foreign African seeking asylum in South Africa .Initially the work was done in black and white for a university Illustration brief were I was required to solve a social issue that affected me directly in the most imaginative and outlandish way possible. As a foreign national the issue closest to me was Xenophobia, It also happened to be the most relevant social issue at the time.

How was it done?

After scrutinising the news and online media for inspiration I realised that the people who suffered the most where the Somali shop owners and street venders. My solution was very satirical and I hoped to emulate a political Illustration style while adding why own flavour.
The piece was an immediate reaction to the xenophobic attacks that many foreigners where facing in May and June.
The piece was a satirical response to the unrest caused by the xenophobic violence. Highlighting a very serious issue in a light hearted way.

Who Am I?

My name is Musonda Kabwe I am a Zambian born illustrator and designer currently based in Johannesburg. I have been living in south Africa since the year 200 when my family emigrated to South Africa so I pretty much grew up here. I attended high school at the National School of The Arts and recently completed studying graphic design at Cape Peninsula University of Technology.
Earlier this year I was an Emerging Creative at the design Indaba. And have done editorial illustrations for the likes of Sunday times amongst others.

My inspirations are widely eclectic, from the fine and pure drawing ability of artists like James Jean and Lindsey Levendal to the bold and graphic work of Sheopard Fairey to name a few.
My style is a mixture of traditional and digital techniques. I enjoy character illustration and just drawing in general although recently I prefer working full on digital.

(Preliminary pen drawing)

(UBUNTU An Ideology synonymous with unity and togetherness that is becoming a foriegn concept)

(derogatory term used to describe foreigners)

Final sketches..


And finally, the process…


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