Chris grew up in the small South African town of Oudtshoorn at the heart of the Klein Karoo. This is where he gained his love for Surrealism and surrounding genres. From a young age Chris was intrigued by the world of fine arts and became a student as soon as possible. Because of a love for technology, he started to apply his knowledge of fine arts in a more design orientated way. After 10 years of working as a professional in both commercial and fine arts, Chris has received multiple awards for his work in Photo Manipulation and Mixed Media Illustration, of which the most prestigious was the 2014 Platinum award for Photo Manipulation at the A’ Design Awards in Como, Italy.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some great brands and agencies in the past few years some of which includes the following…

Gordan’s Dry Gin, briefed by FCB Cape Town
Qatar Airways, briefed by Am I collective
Volkswagen, briefed by Am I Collective
NBA, briefed by NBA
Cell C, briefed by Hello Computer
Mercedes Benz, briefed by Joe Public Ignite
GQ Magazine International, briefed by GQ Magazine

Destruction / Creation
Inspired by the works of Alberto Seveso, I created my own series of paint in water sculptures. These were exhibited at KKNK 2014 at a gallery called Art Karoo. 
 The idea behind this series was to show that from Destruction comes Creation. As the paint falls there is a constant point of creation, but at the same time it destroys itself.  

Full Project Here

Life From Stone
This was a collaborative exhibition in conjunction with Springfield Estate.
The idea was to visit the estate and collect elements from the farm grounds and using them as the main feature for each piece. I was very inspired by Springfield’s hands on approach to creating their wines so I wanted to show the different processes it takes to create a wine. The titel of the series – Life From Stone – is also the name of their world renowned Sauvignon Blanc that is literally grown in a field of stone. 

– Life From Stone
As mentioned, this world renowned Sauvignon Blanc is grown in a field of complete stone. While preparing the field to plant the trees, the workers broke 63 teeth of the industrial diggers used in the process. The end result is a beautiful white wine with such a contrasting taste to the field it was grown in. I fused a piece of the grape vine with a stone from the actual field in order to form a heart to represent life.

– The Provider
In order to grow the best vines, its important to respect nature. Springfield is very adamant about adapting to their surroundings instead of manipulating nature to suit their needs. So in respecting mother nature, which is the provider, they are rewarded with something beautiful in return. I fused a piece of the grape vine with the face of a local woman to represent the spirit of nature.

Full Project here

Renatus is a first name of Latin origin which means “born again”. This body of work is inspired by the past few years of my life wherein I found new meaning to my craft. Its about seeing the light in the darkest hour, but more so, its about becoming the light.

Full Project here

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