1.Who is Nokwanda Themba?

Nokwanda is a quirky and whimsical 22 year old creative

2.What does Nokwanda Themba do?

By day, a BSc Human Physiology student and by night, an illustrator & all round creative

3.Why illustration and where did you find the inspiration to head in that direction?

I never found the strictness and rigidity of Fine Art my cup of tea and as someone who has never had any form of learning from a higher institute, I could never ‘fit in’ with that world. As my artistic talents grew and evolved , I found that my work is classified as contemporary illustration and so I took that direction, which I absolutely love. Illustration is also quite easy, or rather, less time-consuming, in terms of creating a piece of work. I only take a few hours and there are no set ‘rules’ as to what I choose to create & how.

4.If you could choose to meet someone in your creative space of interest, who would it be and why?

Ojo Agi, I take a lot of inspiration from her work and she is such a talented woman.

5. If you had to choose between your formal qualification and your love for your craft, as part of your long-term plan for your life, which would it be and why?

I love that I get to CHOOSE when I want to create and what I want to create. That freedom is quite liberating as an artist. Besides commissions that I get here and there which have deadlines, my ability to channel my emotions and life experience into my work is the magic. My work always has a trace of me left in it, and I love what I create. I find it a blessing in disguise that I’ve never went to an art school for what I do thus my work doesn’t quite look like anyone else’s. I also don’t have to stress about making a living out of it so much that it’s my only source of income, which could have me compromising myself and my work. It honestly took me a while to have this perspective. I want my work to be my sanctuary, my little corner of the world where I am the creator and orchestrate everything. Also, I regard myself as a multifaceted person with many interests. I wouldn’t want to be defined solely as a creative. Living in two different worlds helps me to connect to my entire being, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and grow as an individual.

I do digress, to answer this, although there will always be pro’s and con’s, I would choose the delicious world of my creativity.

6.If there is anything that you could change now, going forward, what would it be and why?

My efficiency and self-acceptance

7.What other features have you had/done?

So grateful for each one over the years. All my features can be found with a quick Google search

8.How can people get a hold of you and your craft?

My email (themba.nokwanda38@gmail.com) is always open for commissions, prints or general enquiries and love.