Conté caught up with Nao Serati, a home-grown designer that’s making waves in the fashion sector. While he has already shown at this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and is on the cover of Marie Claire, this designer is steadily embracing his youth and enjoying the journey as he ventures through fashion.

His designs encapsulate what streetwear might look like if we lived inside a non-binary lookbook with bold patterns and colours being the order of the day. Find out what his LISOF experience was like and why there should be more focus on masculine sensitivity below.

● First and foremost, can you tell us a bit about yourself: where you are from, where did you grow up and what drew you to fashion and design?

“I grew up in a township in the East called Vosloorus, living with my gran while my mother worked in Mpumalanga. My gran would always stay up late to bake for her cake baking business so I think that’s where I learned to always put in my all to the things I love doing then find a way to make sure the things I love doing put some money in my pockets. I always used to be that kid drawing clothes for other people’s paper dolls, so I guess I have always been within fashion but after going to art school fashion seemed to be the closest thing to art that didn’t require me to cut off an ear while doing it.”

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