A small part of Simon’s story.

2014. I found myself out of work, I was lost. I was painting to pass the days. I woke up one morning and decided to give it a serious go. I needed capital, I sold a watch, I bought my supplies and uncapped ADSL. I spent much time painting and learning, reading, watching, soaking it up. I put in no less than sixty five hours a week without fail, usually more. I started slowly releasing the objects back out into my environment. I found love, acceptance, affirmation, I made connections.

I received a phone call from a collector, he had faith in me. He began to buy my work. I worked harder. I put one foot in front of the other, invested in my mind, gave up my immediate worldly existence in the hopes that it would someday transcend the ordinary. I still hold onto that idea. It has allowed me to cover much ground in the last short while. It has been a terrifying and exceptionally rewarding journey of self-discovery and self-definition, although I haven’t even begun.

My work has sold well somehow, I am nowhere near where I need to be, but hopefully I never will be. I just love to paint.
I haven’t managed to hold onto any works long enough to build any type of body to show, although I am trying my best these days so that should I be briefly pigeonholed, it will be according to my most honest work. Each of my works has something carried over from the last, but still nothing is lasting for very long.

I have sold to patrons in the UK, Australia, Canada, the US and Ghana, however the vast majority of the works are in the Eastern Cape. They hang in the 5 star Prana Lodge in Chintsa East, and the not yet open international tournament golf course and estate, ‘Olivewood’, near East London.

My work is personal. I am not an activist. Maybe one day I will become a soldier in the war of ideas, but for now my work is a search for something beautiful. An attempt to create something original and honest.
In the main piece, the symbols in her shadow can literally be interpreted as such, the complexities of the feminine mind residing in the shadow of the subconscious. The subject of my work reflects my inward turned search for meaning and understanding, as well as a desire for the feminine presence and love.

I have long passed the nihilism of rationality and the materialist mindset, I now seek to create my own meaning, to try my utmost to build a new house for God by means of the articulation of idea through matter. Allowing thought to condense into objects, artifacts, flotsam bobbing on the wake of the passing “intelligence”.

To see more from Simon, get yourself a copy of the #RawIssue here.