I hate saying I when “I” need to talk about myself, I find myself trying to try too many different things at one because I hate monotony, So I guess you can say I’m a bit slippery with my tastes. I like to write, I like to take pictures, I want to learn to paint, I want to sculpt but I keep never trying so for now I am a commercial photographer born and living in Kenya but will work anywhere theres a little money, a little fun, a little lesson, a little respect and generally somewhere with people who don’t fear failing.

I am a father, a firm beleiver in Kemetic economics, spirituality and social structure. I have a well founded marketing and communication background that I still
practice through aob, a co-creative creative house I run here with plans to shake up thing and possibly trade ideas freely and more objectively.

When I’m not on commercial assignments, I am probably sketching ideas to shoot (this by the way translate to alooot of backlog of unshot concepts that I’ll dump on you very soon), shopping for props or shooting my personal projects.

I shot Jesus because I did’nt like him…
Let me explain, I didn’t like the impression of Jesus as we currently know him. I just wanted to give black peole something that looks like them to see how well they can accept it.

and Virgin Mary was ofcourse a continuation to that
because I felt like I needed to keep strengthening my bargain which again you can tell I’m going to keep doing. It felt right to release the project on December 25th

Is a celebration of values that we Africans used to hold dear; Love, respect and responsibility. I wanted to show a different narrative.

This Is My Kenya
was a commisioned project that was very humbling,
to be able to go to different parts of the country to celebrate the traditions I’m so passionate about was an experience I won’t be getting over soon.