Leon Chauke is a young aspiring Photographer and Entrepreneur born and bred in Midrand, North of Johannesburg. It seems to me the true meaning of photography lies upon a balanced ratio of the Aperture, ISO and the Shutter Speed, the art of painting with light and processing photographs. I created a universe that details absolute importance in picture style, having to travel across the city to shake up the life Chanel of stylistic elements. Every picture has to have a story behind it; images can be inspirational while others change views of impossible perspectives to possible, I believe in highly structured style, my style dwells deeply in my background and the mystery of the atmosphere.

I like experimenting doing what I’ve never done before, the camera gives me a lot of opportunities to view the world at a different angle by looking at an eye of a camera, I’d say I have a camera for my third eye. My goal as a photographer is to tell a story that will bring out change within the society and inspire young creatives to stick to their talents and make the world a better place. Growing up in Midrand taught me to be different and stick to what I want to achieve, sometimes the environment we live in can be cruel so its up to us to change it so that the younger generation can learn from it.

I worked on a project called “THE BLACK AFRICAN STORY”; this project was all about the black consciousness, it was inspired by the concepts of the Civil Rights Movements and Black Power, it reminds us how proud we should be to find ourselves in the position we are today “Freedom”, how us black people should be confortable in our own skin and cherish every moment from now on. I’d like to thank the Flinc crew.

A special thanks to my family, My girlfriend Blessed Boshomane thanks for believing in me and all the models that kept it real with me by the likes of Pride Mbele, Dorcas Toko and Neo Mabasa
@I_am_leon101 is my photography name and I believe in making a difference and following what the heart wants, I plan on bringing more awesome and innovative concepts that will inspire as I also draw inspiration somewhere else, lets make a better living, follow our dreams and become who we want to become. Its possible