Khoth’ ekhothayo is an animated show of the daily endeavours of izikhothane.
It’s a skit comedy show that will incorporate the two characters dancing and battling each other. While the one (Bullet) tries to push an extremists agenda and the other (Gwinya) not being able to afford the extremists lifestyle but being the friend he performs half measures. The show would usually end in an comedic tone showing how it’s not desirable to be an extremists.

We created the show to show the public how we have shunned a whole culture that has such a rich dance style because we we not able to show them how they should be going about performing their art. So the show aims to fix some of the negative perception that the Izikhothane have by shunning their wasteful displays and pushing forward their dance style.

Currently in the series we have Bullet [the skinny] and Gwinya [ the fat]. Bullet being the ultimate skhothane and extremist who is always trying to push an extremist agenda. Between the two of them, he is the “king mosha”. Nothing is too much for this guy, he’s always trying to make sure people know and speak about him. Gwinya on the other hand is a little shy and just loves dancing and showing his new dance moves off even though he’s not a great dancer. With uGwinya not being able to afford the extremists lifestyle, but being the friend he performs half measures when it comes to ukukhotha. He also has an obsession with custard. So we created a balance which you do see in real life. The guy that is the rebel and the guy who’s doing it to fit in.

We really hope people could relate to this, because we all have an inner skhothane. Trick is to find something good to be proud of that could help others grow.