On the 1st of December 2016 Kulture hosted the first of its experiential-format showcases. Taking the form of an interactive fashion show, Kulture – Fashion Spaces did not only set out to exhibit progressive clothing collections but also aimed to help redefine and challenge how fashion is conventionally consumed and experienced by the average man.

Through collaboration with some of the most innovative, young, creative fashion minds in various sectors of the arts the first instalment of the series Kulture – Fashion Spaces was a unanimous success. Incorporating unconventional elements such as a live drummer, glow in the dark showcase, a curated three-floor visual journey, a rotating stage, and psychedelic lighting, the AGOG building in Maboneng Precinct was set alight by the forces of creativity.

Kulture – Fashion Spaces, 2017 Season 1 promises to be nothing short of amazing.
The event series Kulture – Fashion Spaces is set in the likes of a pop up fashion show where the location is only revealed at a particular time closer to the event date. No tickets can be purchased for the show but you can be invited – here is how. Head out to the Anatomy store located on 73 Juta St, Braamfontien, and kindly tell the lady or gentleman at the counter that you are here to pick up tickets for Kulture Fashion Spaces, the code of the day is (KFS17) and they will hand you two special tickets to Kulture – Fashion Spaces happening on the 13th April 2017. All the details about event will be in the envelope and if you are reading this its probably time to make your way out to Anatomy today! The first 20 people at Anatomy can pick up their set of double tickets – if you can’t make it, send a friend in the area, pay a car guard to pick up and secure the bag but don’t do nothing! Ideally, phone the store and tell them you are calling about tickets for Kulture Fashion Spaces, give them the code (KFS17) and ask them to reserve your ticket for pickup tomorrow for the event.
Anatomy: +27 11 339 1314.
See you at the show!

For full launch visuals click: here