Born 1987, East London, South Africa
Currently living & working in East London, South Africa

“My current mantra, is the pursuit of capturing the cultural resonance, in tune with the visceral undercurrents of changing demographics in modern South African society. Working predominantly with oils on canvas, to establish a symbolic juxtaposition between Abstract vehicles of emotion, and Realism.”

“Affliction” – Describes a state of suffering, distress, disease and sickness

This Definition is applied in a metaphysical sense, as a means of analyzing and dissecting the woes and social ailments of the South African commonality.
More specifically the focus lies on the so called “Born-Free” generation and their role as either help or hindrance to the apparent, yet unrealized social reconciliation that the nation was hoping for after the fall of Apartheid.

The works draw on the racial stereotyping and misconceptions prevalent amidst a generation quick to espouse their disdain for symbols of colonialism (because it is fashionably #trending), yet still pander to the same material desires responsible for continued economic segregation. This ailment is allowed to fester in communities where the objectification of perceived social status, or “image” is of greater significance than moral rectitude. Where “Humility” is a bad word, and the concept of moderation is seen as a handicap of the poor and weak.

The visual metaphor of character traits being auto applied, suggests that participants willingly align themselves, whilst the rendition of their emotive environment is symbolic of their inner turmoil. Stylistically, the use of cream and sepia echoes a tone of nostalgia, whilst the graphic line work and minimal colour palette draws inspiration from anti-apartheid posters & propaganda.