“I consider myself an all round creative and I’ll tell you why; ever since I can remember I would see potential for something, anything to have more spunk/creativity/pezaas (if that’s even a word) just for something to be prettier than it was, whether it be my hair, my bag, my room, a classroom, my books, basically anything has potential to be better than it was and I wanted to be the person to bring that “pezaas” into it, I just never knew what to call it.

This was until I finished matric and I had no idea what I wanted to study further or what I wanted to be, all I knew is that I loved animation and was fascinated by how they make the unreal seem so real. Not only was I fascinated by the unreal but there was something about faces and different personalities that struck an interest with me, creating faces, creating people,
almost playing god when He created Adam and Eve, I felt with a pen and paper I could do exactly that.

Which led me to the interest of studying 3D character animation as I knew animation would give me the chance to play god and I would be able to create these faces I was so fascinated by. With no artistic background, I started with the traditional pen and paper, paint and canvas until Photoshop became my best friend and found it satisfying to paint digitally which I found to be my style and greatest tool of creation.”