A Sculpture can be described as the art of making two or three dimensional representative or abstract forms. Usually done through the carving of stone or wood, or by casting metal or plaster. Dating back to the BC and classic era’s in history, it is an ancient art in which one can make their mark, quite literally.

Donald Greig is a South African sculptor with over 30 years of experience that has done just that.

What started as a hobby became a profession and livelihood but also more importantly, a means of escape.

“I have been designing jewellery for over 35 years and I have been sculpting wildlife in bronze for over 20 years. My art is a means of escape, it is my ‘time out’ and it is my therapy.”

For the first five years I had almost no advice, teaching or guidance. I learnt the hard way but it was great that I was not influenced by outside people or teaching styles, says Greig.

The theme of his works are generally animals and birds inspired by South African wildlife.

“Africa has always been my home. My family has been here for 120 years. I love the people, the beauty, and the life. The creatures of Africa are my inspiration. I would find it very difficult to get excited about sculpting a kangaroo or mountain goat from China. I have grown up with the African bush and there is nothing else like it on our planet.”

With the occasional human figure and bust also on his list of artworks, one notes the attention to detail in Greig’s work that makes it unique to other sculptures one might see in the city or at exhibitions of this type.

“My style is usually detailed but I sometimes use a looser, rougher style which shows the use of my hands in the emotion of the piece.”

There is always a question of whether art, in its many forms, plays a role in society and for Greig the answer seems to resonate along the lines of some philosophical wisdom.

“To most people art plays an important role in appreciating and understanding a talent and a beauty that may or may not appeal to us. Art has played an important role in our lives long before civilised man.”

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