I’m an art director​ and have worked​ ​in the advertising for just over​ ​12 years​ ​at some of the best agencies in the industry. Currently I freelance ​in a team with my business partner and copywriter as The Spanish Coalition. When I am not serving the industry I spend my time painting botanicals, tormenting my two cats and abusing my lucky streak by playing bingo.

African Bazaar

Description for ​the ​project:
Part city, part shopping centre, there’s always something to buy on the streets of Joburg.​ W​e set out to document the goods our city has to offer, from clothing hangers to genuine Louise Vitton® bags. During this time we got to meet vendors from all over Africa eager to make their fortunes in the city of gold.

​T​he intention was to showcase the products sold by Jozi’s street vendors with the same high-end aesthetics as big brands; hoping to get people to think differently about the informal economy (and to buy some oranges while they were at it).

Creative concept and design and copy – Jo Morrison and Peet Engelbrecht from The Spanish Coalition
Photographer – Angie Batis Durrant from Churche​ ​
Stylist – Adi Koen from Churche
Make-up – Alexandra Botha
Model – Emy Ozori from Lampost
Art Buyer – Hannah Engelbrecht

​Soweto Gold

​Project description:
A collaboration between Jameson Irish ​Whiskey ​and Soweto Cr​a​ft Beer ​created a limited edition beer called Soweto Gold ’76, this was a tribute ​to the heroes of​​ Soweto’s 1976 uprising​. ​

Darren Borrino
Robert Rutherford
Jo Morrison
Peet Eng​elbrecht
Osmond Tshuma
Jason Hes