Daniel was born in 1987 in Cape Town and is a third generation South African Chinese.

Daniel studied graphic design at Vega School and is emerging as one of Cape Town’s top creative talents following a series of exhibitions, talks, commissions from clients and design collaborations with leading international brands including Nike, New York Times and PUMA.

Project Information
I was commissioned to design a collection for OkayAfrica. OkayAfrica focuses on new music, art, culture, business, and politics surrounding Africa and the African Diaspora. The focus of the collection was to represent Africa as a unified continent.

I created a series of multi-coloured graphics on t-shirts, crew neck sweaters, hoodies, headscarves and tote bags. The collection draws its inspiration from various African national flags to create a singular African identity. I chose this approach because national flags are often used as beacons of hope, and symbols of what a country stands for. A flag can be seen as a visual representation of its people, and distinguishes itself and its people from other nations. By having unified flags, Africa is thereby given common symbols that bring the nations closer together, both at home or abroad.

Social Media
@DanielTing Chong (Twitter + Instagram)