In pre-colonial Kenya a story is told of a saloon built at the heart of an infamous town “Death City” in the Eastern Frontier District. The small town was inhabited by a group of outlaws who committed serious war crimes during the Great War of Liberty of 1871 and fled East of Mt. Kirinyaga (now Mt. Kenya). We set out to photograph a few of the remaining 5th Generation descendants who still own and control the secret saloon. “Shot on July 11th, 2017 at The Curragh Irish Club and Bistro, Ngong, Kenya.”

Kamau Patrick is a Kenyan based commercial photographer at Pekat Photography. He specializes in Portraiture and Lifestyle photography. Holding his first camera at age 20 was a big deal back then when he was an undergraduate Film Student at Multimedia University of Kenya. He later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Film Production. He initially wanted to be a film director but he took a different course of life when he stumbled upon photography and embarked on a journey to tell stories of the things he likes and those that matters to him most.

Photographer: Pekat Photography ( @pekatphotography )
Producer: Peter Pekat ( @peter_pekat )
Stylist: Beata Otieno ( @ojwastyling )
Makeup : Kate Waititu ( @kanai_beauties )
Assistant Makeup: Annrose Njoroge (@anroz_wn )
Guest Assistant: Peter Irungu ( @irungu_ )
Security: Kwach Godwin
Props: ProTisa
Location: The Curragh Irish Pub & Bistro.

Mathangani Kariuki
Njuguna Wacheke (@innocentwacheke)
Alex Kirimi ( @kirimithuranira )
Stephen Ayako (@faceof_kisii)