My name is Thapelo Aloysius Keetile (Artist name GrimmZ). I am a South African Born from the town of Kuruman in Mothibistad in 1989 12 of May. In the recent years my home is in Vryburg in the North West province and currently working in Johannesburg as a digital graphic design and illustration and video. I obtain my education at the University of Johannesburg and got my Btech in Multimedia Design.

The mediums that I use for my work is mostly Pen markers on paper and the finishing results are turned over in Photoshop or Illustrator (Adobe). Other mediums included calligraphy brushes and paint.

I enjoy making art, firstly as I am able to depict an interesting visual experience for the viewer. Depending on the subject matter, what makes art great for me is that I am able to tell a story uniquely. Even if it’s not just the story but to show thing uniquely to my view to people is also amazing to me about art. Similar to a personal signature.

Most of my art is focused around technique. I explore many techniques with my art. From Calligraphy brushes, pens and markers, paint and computer programs. Having this variety allows me to have different styles to interpret the content in my art. My first experience to art was not through an understanding of storytelling though, it was through its beauty and aesthetics. It is only later that I got introduced to it in a storytelling sense.

I take styles from Graffiti, Cartoons and Fine Art and now recently African Patterns mainly the Ndebele cultural pattern and explored those styles to make my art.

My ever first artworks played around with a lot of African subject matter and till this day I still do mostly rendered on black and white. I wouldn’t pin them down specifically but I played around a lot with the imagery and symbols of the old Africa and the tribal aesthetic. Trying to work out different ways to making what was then and still is trending as African art. My reasons for depicting African arts and archetypes is to make them visually enjoyable to the youth of today, especially the youth in the city. For them to be able to interpret a certain meaning for themselves from the work and subject.