Born January 1994, in KwaZulu Natal in a small town called Paulpietersburg. Nhlanhla Vilakazi known as Jay Madonson is a self taught fashion photographer, videographer, who is now based in Johannesburg.

He started his first tumblr site in 2013, and got exposed to different narrations when it comes to the fashion industry. He takes inspiration from his family’s old pictures. “The fashion, the posing, aesthetic and the composition intrigues me and fills my mind with so much creativity”.

Backed with a Journalism degree from the University of Johannesburg, he is working his way to become a well respected story-teller with a sharp eye for capturing new reality, with the help from Umuzi where he is currently a multimedia recruit.

“I want to use fashion to challenge the views of many when it comes African fashion, and use photography and film as a medium to give those that are silenced, an opportunity to have loud voices”.

The roots of culture starts from within. Ntinga is a recurring series that represents the minority that are on a path to discover their true identity. This series aims to start thought provoking conversations, and take inspiration from our rooted culture and subculture. Most of the time society boxes people and expects them to conform to their norms and ideologies, therefore we miss the mark to live the truth.

This series is captured on a new perspective and Ntinga represents those who are brave enough to use their body image to convey the message of power, sexuality and gender identity.