Michelle Wastie is a Commercial Photographer with 15 years of experience in the Media and Advertising industries. Highly attuned and flexible in many different genres of photography including lifestyle, portraiture, fashion, beauty, documentary, still life, food and landscapes.

Dedicated to the best possible outcome in all aspects of an undertaken project. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance as well as creating a light-hearted collaborative environment in which to work towards the final product. Michelle’s “the People Have Spoken” Project featured in the #RevolutionIssue of Conté Magazine, released in March of 2016.


The People Have Spoken is a platform for South Africans to express their thoughts and emotions – the start of a conversation.
When the leadership of the Country is not listening to the People – the least we can do is hear one another. When a person feels heard and seen they realize that they matter, and when we realize that we matter we are more inclined to contribute to make a difference. The Present and Future belongs to us. Let us be the change now to make the difference.

To read the full interview we did with Michelle on our #RevolutionIssue follow this link to her website.