Kefilwe Ditse is an African visual story teller born on the 1st of March 1995 in Potchefstroom,North West. In 2014 Kefilwe was sitting home while his peers went to Universities and progressed in various careers. He sat with the intention of wanting to know what career path he should invest his life in. He enrolled in the North West university in 2015 for BSc Computer and economics sciences, one year into the course he dropped out because his passion was burning for something else.

Soon after dropping out of University he developed himself into a photographer, he taught himself the art of telling stories through pictures. He became fascinated about telling stories of the streets, where he comes from and to show his reality and the reality of black people of this country through this art form. To Kefilwe, being able to express himself visually means that he can take the whole and express who he is as a black person and the idea of whiteness and blackness in his society also what makes him and what drives him each and every morning and because of this he developed an idea of STREETS which is a concept that drives his photography based on the truth of the black people. He is now currently in umuzi.

I strongly believe art should address social injustices and inspire a generation.I recently did a series called whites Only

Whites Only Rationale

Whites Only!
This series of black and white images take direct inspiration to the regulations that separated Blacks and whites,this is aimed to act as a metaphor to address Today’s stereotypes and prejudice.

Blacks Taught properly on how to hate themselves, people lived under the sign “only” isolated by ideas in forms of colour.

Holding cells ate the likes of Father Biko, holding cells are cold and hopeless as he was. Death follows our ideas in this time, blacks only in freedom of expression that they can’t express. Blacks only in deathbeds for their ideas and concentration of melanin.