I am Mo Matli an ambitious, hard working photographer/cinematographer originating from Carltonville but call many places “home”. Due to my frequent childhood travelling, I now document my surroundings through my camera and seal the beauty of all the places I visit, through the lens of my camera.

My goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of people. I focus on ordinary people trying to tell their stories and change physical insecurities one visual at a time.

“Perfection” is a definition I don’t conform to

Mo Matli is a photographer/cinematographer that aims to challenge social norms through her work. She believes that anyone can be defined as “beautiful‘ and it is that aspect of themselves that society perceives as “ugly” or “imperfect” which exalts that beauty.

In this photo series (Perfection is a definition I don’t conform to), Matli immensely focuses on the skin of each subject and accentuates each subject’s skin deformities, from albinism, vitiligo and acne. This body of work begs the viewer to look at these subjects with a new perception. To see what the world refuses to recognise: that despite all our flaws, we are beautiful in our way.