I’m Omar Houssien. I’m an Art Director, Illustrator and Designer based in Cairo, Egypt, where I grew up. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always had a wild imagination and a desire to tell stories and ideas. Believing I wasn’t eloquent enough to express myself, I’ve turned to visual communication, since I believe it was a more instinctual means of communication. I studied Illustration and Animation at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy. Graduating in 2011, I moved to Cairo and started working in the Advertising and the Arts and Culture scenes, both as a freelancer and in various entities. In 2017, I’ve cofounded (and been an active member of) PlusTwo, a Cairo-based creative collective.

Alongside my usual commissions, I have always been fascinated by the boundaries and powerful impact of visual communication. My work revolves around the exploration of old concepts under new contextual lenses. My aim is to straddle the line between capturing the nuances of a context – its detail, culture and individuality – and using visual language as a means to transcend and celebrate difference. My main source of inspiration is usually the context within which I’m in, whether it is finding it in the rich traditions of the Middle East, the ancient mythology of Egypt, or the more recent turbulences in contemporary politics. I build on these preexisting notions, remixing them and reworking them with my weird, fun, daunting, wild and incredible dreams, to hopefully create something new. My ultimate goal is that someone would see one of my works and it would trigger a new thought in their mind. My ultimate goal is to inspire someone else, to be a link in the chain of creation.

The artwork ranges from sketches to commissioned posters to his personal artwork. Some of this artwork is from a series called “The Arab Spring”.

The Arab Spring, a series of protests, revolutions and civil wars, were an important part of history, that occurred during our lifetime. It has toppled leaders, changed regimes and defied the status-quo many of the region have assumed unmeable. It has also inspired several Protest and occupy movement accross the Globe.

The following is a series of portraits of deposed or challenged leaders of the Middle East, capturing them in their “final” moments with their most recognisable quotes, that would eventually come back and haunt their legacies.