NTOMBIE’s debut project is a showcase of her soulful vocals. Inspired by her female Pop and R & B idols, yet rooted in her gospel beginnings, ‘Right Beside Me’ aptly tells the story of the strength and encouragement drawn from her father.

Born in Empangeni in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, NTOMBIE came from humble beginnings. NTOMBIE found strength in her extensive family, whom to this day remain an integral part of her life and the source of her musical inspiration.

The youngest of five siblings, NTOMBIE learned from an early age the importance of community. As well as prospering academically, NTOMBIE’s commitment to extra curricular activities made her father, a well-respected man in the village incredibly proud. NTOMBIE’s story is one of adversity and even in those early years she found solace in music.

With her father an evangelist, gospel music became an inspiration in her formative life and NTOMBIE would sometimes bless the congregation with a musical offering and to this day she still does . Alongside her church beginnings, NTOMBIE has found inspiration in strong independent songstresses such as Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson, Lira and Adele.

Studying at Siphosabadletshe High School, NTOMBIE featured as one of the lead singers of the school choir and it’s during her time here that she first met Swedish based charity – Star For Life. She has since become a figure of inspiration to the younger members of her community, relishing the opportunity to empower other young women to better themselves and one day follow in her footsteps.