My name is Sibusiso Gcaba but I’m known in the Art spaces as Zulu Desperado. I’m at a Market Photo workshop and Umuzi Alumni based in Johannesburg. I specialize in Photography, cinematography and I’m an exhibition artist.

My Style is contemporary street photography dipped in my own personality. I focus mostly on social Issues that affect the city that raised me, Johannesburg. My Interests are matters of the mind and matter of the heart and anything In between.

I just recently exhibited the attached work at AGOG Gallery on Saturday and It would be an honor to be featured on your well renowned digital platform.

The series “Pains of Development” displays the disconnection between the people and the city of Johannesburg and how a portion of people and spaces have been disconnected from its growth and development. As some parts of the city develops, other parts are experiencing urban decay. Most areas in the Inner city continue to rot while the focus on development shifts to small areas of development like Maboneng, Braamfontein etc. As a result the poor and homeless are neglected. Areas of development are enjoyed by the elite while the majority are left out, not benefiting from any “Growth”. My attempt was to create a feeling of being isolated in a particular space.