I am a 24-year-old Creative from Sasolburg Zamdela. I grew up exposed to Kasi and an upper-class style of living and education that gave me a much broader and wider perspective on life. I use this perspective to tell my stories and the stories of people I see around me and write based on experiences and the environment I’m exposed to. I studied fine art and graphic design but music has been my outlet. It has become my therapy through suffering from depression and anxiety, I am a firm believer of all human rights and I put that in my music.

I am inspired by the struggle and life in general.I had to work hard in order for me to be where I am now, struggling and having to push hard on life helped me to become an artist about every day’s struggle and not about materialistic things. My music is not all about the hype, it’s about what people are facing on an everyday basis, it’s all about storytelling and uplifting black society to be great again like we once were. I’m deeply inspired by civil rights and seeing African at the top of the world cause in true essence, if Africa was to close it’s bordered to the world the many so-called super power nations will collapse.