Ntokozo Dladla aka Danger Power Ranger is a 26-year-old Rapper and Graphic Designer from Spruitview, East of Johannesburg. He is part of the music and visual collective “Milk Farm” and a Art director and Musician at Strobe Light Records.

His interest in animation(cartoons and gaming) has trickled into his choice of writing style especially with a lot of reference to Anime and Manga. With an interest also in spirituality, he bases most of his writing on his journey in sobriety on how it was like and how it came to be hoping that he can help those in a similar situation.

Song Description:

The great part about learning is that when we make mistakes, we got to admit our current train of thoughts not working to our advantage and that we must adopt a new one in order for us to move forward and succeed. To start with nothing again, to become a student, to return to a blank drawing board, to pick up a marker and redraw the whole landscape of our dreams.

Ntokozo Dladla does this with his song “Selfish”, by creating a new visual identity he brings his song to life again, a cover art that shows that his love for anime is still pure and strong, referencing the space future crime thriller “Cowboy Bebop” and character design influenced by the epic “Panty and stocking with Garbelt”

This song is about DangerPowerRanger reflecting on his own selfish ways. This ultimately lead him to be confronted by his mother who is a voice of reason. Even though her words are sharp, they came from a good place. Verse two is about Identifying selfishness in others and how betrayal makes us end relationships because the person who betrayed us seems to reflect our own selfish ways in return and these are traits we can’t even bare to look at.