I-Tee Bohy, born Itumeleng Ngwato, is a promising talent in the hip hop genre. Having spent his teen years as a DJ, after falling in love with the culture at the tender age of 9 from hearing Amu, Jay Z and Nas, his music is both diverse and versatile.

The 23 year old rapper grew up in the rough streets of Hillbrow, Johannesburg which has taught him that only through hard work and determination can the dream of a better life through rap prevail.

Taking notes from artists such as Khuli Chana, Mo’lemi, Jay Z and Nags, I-Tee’s delivery packs punch and confidence in the message. Most importantly, as an artist, I-Tee values the authenticity produced in music by staying true to oneself.

With legendary kwaito group TKZee as his biggest inspiration, I-Tee hopes to one day attain such a formidable reputation in the industry.

Maraza, another talented musician, produced I-Tee’s second mixtape (Till We Meet Again) which features incredible young artists such as Gigi Lamayne, Eugene Singer, and Onalempho. I-Tee is featured on other projects by his industry peers Lukay Wa Lehipi and TizzMo Guddy to mention a few.

A breath of fresh air, I-Tee was brave enough to have his own version of AKA’s “Run Jozi” which has a creative rearrangement of the popular chorus.

Furthermore, his download track “One More Drink” exudes his flexibility with a laid back flow in English and a short Zulu rhyme in between. His first single, “Figures”, however, proves his capability to compete in the industry with his double-barrel flow and a powerful feature with prominent MC Gigi Lamayne.

His second single “Bullet Proof” features Eugene Singer who is known from the days of the “Full Clip”. It did well on the streets that I-Tee decided to shoot a music video for it to give the song some visuals.

Bullet Proof’s music video was released on the 20 October 2016 at midnight on YouTube.

Although a newcomer, I-Tee has with “Till We Meet Again” proven that he is someone to look out for going forward.