My name is Nikiwe Dlova, 29 year old from Soweto, I work at The Stylista as a campaign manager, creating content for brands. I also have a website OwnURcrown – which is about embracing your individuality through your hair, I started the blog to inspire people to express themselves through creative hairstyles and also tell people’s stories/inspiration about their hairstyles including hairstylists or any hair art.

This year I launched my first hair art exhibition called ‘Betty Evolves hair series’ which was about celebrating and evolving the Benny and Betty hairstyle into creative styles. When I was growing up the hairstyle was used to keep our hair neat for school or we used to plait it when our parents didn’t have money for us to go relax our hair, everyone has a different story and we relate to the hairstyle because it has been there even before we were born so I wanted to show how the hairstyle can be shaped into an art form and show the next generation the possibilities of the hairstyles and hair in general.

I also did a Hairitage post for Heritage Month – Linking my Xhosa culture with hair art.