Little boy happy
We live in a world where ultimate happiness is frowned apon, where literally showing it to the world angers the world. I chose to create this series to try and remind the world about where we come from and how we used to think an live happy as children. As a child you are ultimately happy, you have no worries, no troubles, you love today for today and you never stay angry and always forgive. This boy in particular is the happiest child I know, barred with autism and a disability to speak all he can do is smile and laugh and be happy. It may be frustrating for him to not be able to express himself the way any other human may be able to but he makes it work, and we make it work with him. He in all ways is the naughtiest child I know but he colours our world with so many vibrant shades of happy, he makes us realise that we choose to be happy and to some extent reminds me that there is a Tomorrow and which ever colour of happiness you decide to paint ur life with determines your own type of happy.

African Dream
Women are the pinnacle of the earth and her essence. Nurturers and caters they make everything blossom.