Alroy Ndhlovu is a 27 year old photographer, film graduate and digital marketer based in South Africa.


These three images are part of a series of images in a project I am working on titled “Broken Promises”. It is a conceptual art work. It speaks to women whose hearts have been broken by the many men who left them with nothing but broken promises. This project was inspired by a friend of mine who was also the model for the shoot.

Everything in the scene is symbolic. The flowers represent the typical gesture of flowers that women get but how the petals are detached speaks to the many broken promises. In the one image where the flower is in-between the subjects thighs represents the sweet gestures men share just for sex, the white water represents purity but tainted by the many promises symbolised by the flowers. The facial expressions or lack of them speak to the weight of emotion women experience. Exhaustion, dispear and heartbreak.

Take a look: