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“Buying ad space with us means access to our readers for a full quarter, 3 months of uninterrupted exposure on all distribution platforms.

We believe that your brand can be introduced to the middle class and high net worth demographic through Conté Magazine. We also believe in giving our collaborative Magazine engagement with your audience in an amazing space that affords them more meaningful and relevant engagement that will prompt for higher consideration for your brand. Conte Magazine is a collectable so your advert will live on for many years as the readers refer constantly to the

Conté Magazine has a number of 2 platforms namely; the print magazine and the online magazine, giving potential advertisers a luxury to choose where they would like to advertise and could also be afforded a packaged deal of both the print and the digital .”

I could speak all day about how beneficial advertising with us is, but I know you want to see numbers:
so i suggest you Click here to download the print advertising rate card with all relevant information..

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