Be a Conte Contributor

Want to get your creative content published ?
Look no further… We would love to publish your work right here on our website.

We are looking for 2 types of writers;
1. Non-Fiction or Fiction creative writers; these would be stories or poetry pieces you write about absolutely anything. all stories must be accompanied by an image that will be posted on our website.

2. Journalistic writers: This would be journalistic writing according to what is happening in and around your creative industry wherever you are, we want the world to know what is happening wherever you are. and you would be the person telling us about it. This writing would also have to be accompanied by an image and it must have a title.

All you need to do is the following:
– Send us something you’ve written; this could be a feature article, journalistic piece, it just needs to be great!.
– Be African (Dot’e forget to tell us where you’re from)
– Be awesome

All applications must be sent to and we will be awesome together.
It doesn’t matter where you’re located, we just want YOU!

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