Lesiba Mabitsela is a Pretoria-born fashion designer and artist. He mixes modern clothing with African aesthetic and other cultural influences such as Islam, drape, modernism, gender, modesty and poverty.

He sees fashion as a form of anthropology, meaning that fashion can serve as a detailed timeline of human civilisation. Lesiba’s designs explore a multitude of silhouettes, use geometric construction and a careful consideration of colour, whilst using the diverse modern African elements.

His interests lie in the connection between arts and design, and the relationship shared amongst people within social spaces and subcultures. His work spans over several platforms, including, but not limited to, garment design. He recently contributed to the exhibition of artist Khanyisile Mbongwa in the form of garments constructed using PEP store storm blankets. According to the artist, his use of these blankets was a result of subconsciously being exposed to the harsh realities of living in Cape Town.

He is based in Cape Town and continues to explore other mediums of expression in his quest to rethink and revise the complexities of sublime aesthetics within the African fashion empire. He is an exciting new addition to the growing conversation on fashion and garment construction (or deconstruction).