A Married Life Guide: How often should couples have sex?

Although no one is proud to admit this, it seems like failing marriages are more common than ever these days. Due to differences between partners, their relationship simply breaks, and they find themselves at the beginning again. And although the reasons could be anything, one seems to precede all others — sex.


Namely, due to little or none of it, partners begin to distance themselves from one another. When it comes to the latter, it’s easy to understand why — no sex means no fun, doesn’t it? However, if the case is that there is little sexual intercourse, a question starts begging for an answer. How much sex is little, and how often do happy couples have it?


Unfortunately, there are no easy answers when it comes to this topic. You can’t measure sex like that and expect that the same amount will work for all. What seems like too much for some will work wonders for others. Therefore, allow us to talk about this in more detail in our brief but substantial sex guide for married couples.

Is Sex Essential in a Married Couple’s Life?

In essence, marriage is much more than sheer fun between the sheets. It’s based on other things as well, including love, trust, and a couple of shared laughs. However, an important pillar holding two partners together in marriage is definitely their sex life. And when it comes to the amount of it, most sex therapists will agree that having intercourse less than ten times a year means you are in a sexless marriage.


Sexual intimacy is undoubtedly a significant factor in having a happy relationship. In case something’s lacking in this department, both partners become prone to infidelity, bad feelings, detachment, and, to top it off — divorce. Therefore, it’s safe to say how our sex lives are like a glue that holds us together. Despite how superficial some sex guides for couples can be, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of carnal pleasure.

Daily or Weekly: What’s the Difference?

So, what should the sex life of married couples be like? Should they do it every day or once a week? There’s no one answer. In fact, it depends on the two of you. In case you have high sex drives, you should fuck around as much as you want to. Moreover, it doesn’t have any physical or mental disadvantages at all. The only issue it can produce is less time for other chores, both private and professional.


On the other hand, having sex once a week can keep things fresh. You see, if you do something all day, every day, it might become repetitive. However, if the two of you manage to turn it down a little and make love once a week, well, each session will be more special. Moreover, even the wait between the two acts can prove beneficial. You can use it to come up with new ideas to freshen up what you’re usually doing between the sheets.

Daily Sex: Does It Have Any Benefits?

It’s first important to say before going into the pros that daily sex doesn’t have any negatives. Neither physical nor mental on your health. In fact, sexual intercourse is great for our health in many ways. Some of these include the release of happy hormones. Our brains release the likes of dopamine and endorphin when we reach an orgasm, which helps us get rid of stress and then sleep better. But that’s not all.


Sex is, as we all know, physically demanding. It’s essentially a form of workout if you’d like. Therefore, doing it all the time will result in a better physical performance that you can use in other aspects of your life. It’s also great for female bladder control, male erections, and much, much more. As such, it’s safe to say that if you’re into it, having sex seven times a week will overall help you and your partner health-wise.

Facts and Misconceptions About Daily Sex for Married Couples

The main misconception people have about daily sex is that one of you will lose interest in the other sooner rather than later. However, that’s a pessimistic point of view that we don’t agree with. But how so, you might ask. Well, if you believe that someone will lose interest in you, you’re already on the wrong track. Daily sex can be great in serving couples as a glue that binds them even more than gifts, dinners, and other marriage activities.


Another common misconception about shagging each day is that you’ll be out of ideas by the time you reach your first anniversary. However, that’s not true. There are so many kinks, quirks, and fetishes waiting for you to discover them. As such, it would take at least two lifetimes of everyday, scheduled sex to try them all out. And on the other hand, there’s no shame if sexual satisfaction comes from repeating the same things over and over again.

Sex Frequency for Married Couples

Frequency of sex and how many times a month you do it doesn’t matter if the two of you are happy. That’s clear as day. However, for some, that happiness comes directly from carnal pleasure, so it’s important to ask for some stats. As such, low and behold, the numbers of how many times American married couples intertwine their bodies.


  • Thanks to the General Social Survey of 2018, we know that one-fourth of married couples have sex once in seven days;
  • The same stats suggest that a little less than 16% do the deed three times weekly;
  • Again, this study reports that around 5% of married couples are sexually active more than three times a week.
  • Sadly, around 10% of all American marriages are completely sexless.


So, what do these stats tell us? Well, they are just numbers that don’t mean a thing. Being intimate with your partner isn’t a contest with your neighbors. You shouldn’t do it for the sake of it and if you don’t want to. Moreover, that would be pretty dumb. Sex is about enjoying yourself. And if you don’t, what’s the point? Who’s keeping score? As such, you shouldn’t worry about the number of times you have had sex during the past week. You should, instead, think about how to make intercourse better the next time you go about it.