Six Tips on How to Preserve a Passionate Marriage

Marriage can be hard. Thinking about the household, rent, bills, and kids can become overwhelming after a while. That is why sex is one of the last things couples think about, even though it’s one of the things that can save almost any marriage from failing. 


Because passion is so important, we’ll share six relationship tips on how to preserve a passionate marriage.

1. Spend More Quality Time With Your Partner

The most important thing in preserving passion in relationships is spending time with your partner. Many people lead busy lives, often ignoring the fact that they’re not spending enough time with their partners. But being in a relationship means sharing time with the person you’re with. Even if it’s only for an hour a day, everyone should be able to spend time with their loved ones.


All the relationship tips out there point out one thing — showing your partner you care about them. All the relationship guides out there point out how important this is, and we couldn’t agree more.


Even if you and your partner seem to have drifted apart, there are many activities you can do together and spark the emotions that you used to have. Having coffee together and looking at your phone isn’t what we had in mind. Put your phones away and spend quality time with each other.

2. Be More Affectionate With Your Touch

One of the most underrated things when it comes to preserving passion in relationships is a gentle and affectionate touch. Just holding hands out of habit isn’t enough, although many people in relationships do it. The way you hold your partner’s hand says much more about you and your view of the relationship. Gently petting your partner on the finger, kissing her on the hand, or squeezing it from time to time means you think about them.


Being affectionate with your touch doesn’t relate only to holding hands. Hugs, kisses, and any other forms of physical touch are important in any kind of relationship. Although relationship tips are focused on direct actions, this indirect action can make any relationship stronger and better for both partners. It’s the subtle meaning that’s important.


This is one of the relationship guides that can be applied in every aspect of the relationship and done at any time, whether it’s during a date or even during sex or cuddling afterward.

3. Allow Tension to Build

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and it shouldn’t be something to worry about. People occasionally have disagreements, but that’s not a bad thing. That only means that the partners are communicating. It’s even alright if you and your partner don’t spend time together for a few days because of work-related stress.


Imagine if everything was perfect in your relationship. It would quickly become boring, and you’d have nothing to fight for. The thing you won’t find in any relationship guides is that there needs to be something you and your partner don’t agree on. Talking about your issues will strengthen the relationship and can even be a very rewarding experience for both you and your partner.


Spending a few days apart doesn’t mean there are no emotions between partners. On the contrary — the time you missed spending with your partner can build positive tension between the two of you, which can result in some amazing sex after.

4. Sex and Daily Routines Should Be Separated

Married life needs getting used to. Some couples, unfortunately, take this way too seriously, making sex a part of their daily or weekly routine. Sharing intimate moments with your partner shouldn’t feel like an obligation, and it should happen spontaneously.


Sex is required for preserving passion in relationships, but it’s far from being the only thing couples can do to keep their relationship passionate. Helping each other with regular daily activities will allow the both of you to have more time for each other, which can most definitely lead to passionate sex and discovering new things. 

All the relationship tips found online emphasize how sex is an important thing, and we agree completely. The only difference is that we emphasize that being intimate with your partner shouldn’t be considered a part of a routine but instead something that happens spontaneously.

5. Being Emotionally Vulnerable Is Okay

One of the biggest issues couples face lately is the lack of faith between them. Many couples put their relationships on the line just by trying to be strong in front of their partner. Being honest with your partner is something you’ll find in all the relationship guides available out there, and it’s one of the things that makes any relationship healthy and worth being in.

Any relationship that’s based purely on sex and superficial companionship will end sooner than relationships where partners trust each other and talk to each other about things that make them vulnerable. All the relationship guides out there emphasize how trust is the most important thing in any relationship and that without it, no relationship can reach its maximum potential. Being open with your partner doesn’t make you weak. It’s something that will strengthen any relationship and make the bond between partners stronger.

6. Sex Variations Are Also Important

If you have already researched the topic of preserving passion in relationships, you’ve surely realized that sex and intimacy play a huge role. We’ve already mentioned how important it is to make sure that sex isn’t a part of a routine. Couples get bored with sex with the same partner for years, especially if they’re not experimenting and trying new things.


Different sex positions are a great way to bring something new to the table. Mimicking what you see in porn is also a very popular choice with couples who struggle to keep the passion strong in their marriage. Various sex toys can also help, but being intimate in different places as well.


This doesn’t mean you should take your partner to the nearest park and have sex behind a tree, hoping no one will see you. Although it would be a great adventure, it’s also illegal in most places.